Sustainable Energy, Growth, and Commitment

We develop, build, own, and operate renewable wind and solar energy projects in Denmark and the United Kingdom. We have an ambitious growth strategy for 2030, focusing on our project pipeline, technologies, and geography. We take pride in our business and remain humble in the face of the task at hand, which is to ensure the accelerated expansion of green energy and the growth of our company in a responsible and economically viable manner, all while maintaining our commitment to being a nurturing, secure, and enjoyable workplace.

Securing a Sustainable Future in Energy Production

We work passionately to ensure a sustainable world for current and future generations. The delicate interplay between technology, nature, and species is integrated into our strategy and projects.

Our strategy is simple: We accelerate the expansion of the company’s capacity through the development, establishment, operation, and maintenance of new energy projects based in our existing geographical areas, currently Denmark and the UK. An equally important part of our business model is the acquisition of existing energy production.

Our values, employee-driven success, and sustainability

Wind Estate A/S is a company with dedicated and competent employees. Each employee plays a crucial role in achieving our results. We value and support flexibility, innovation, and ownership. Our values of integrity, credibility, collaboration, and inclusive behavior are a natural part of our everyday life.

Wind Estate A/S is a responsible and environmentally focused company. Our headquarters in Randers, which serves as the backdrop for the company’s Danish activities, is one of Denmark’s first low-energy commercial buildings with its own geothermal heating system and solar panels on the roof.