Our global reliance on fossil fuel needs to come to an end.

We are proud of our wind turbine fleet, and maintain them to a high standard of operation. Efficient operation of each one of our wind turbines is the whole prerequisite for running our business and generating as much renewable energy as we can. A well thought-out ISO 9001 certified service concept is therefore one of the cornerstones of Wind Estate.

We have wind turbines from many different manufactures in our portfolio. They are also located over a large geographical area in Denmark. We therefore service and maintain the older wind turbines ourselves, while the new wind turbines are maintained by external service providers who are certified to service our wind turbines according to ISO 9001 like our own service department.

Until we have built up a larger portfolio of wind turbines in the UK, we will primarily use external service providers to maintain our wind turbines. All new wind turbines will normally be equipped with long-term service contracts with the wind turbine manufacturer.