Our Path to Sustainable Success: Wind Estate's Leadership Philosophy in Action

With trust, a healthy work environment, and highly competent employees, Wind Estate aims to be the company where passionate and dedicated employees deliver the growth of green energy. We believe that a credible, inclusive, and empathetic leadership style facilitates an environment where employees are motivated and have the opportunity to provide the right solutions and shape our common future. Honesty, respect, and ethics are fundamental to our leadership philosophy.

Empowering our employees with the necessary responsibility, authority, and trust to take initiatives, make decisions, and grow in their roles is essential to us. Empowerment is the path to individual growth and organizational success.

We value collaboration, open communication, and diverse perspectives and aim for a workplace where innovation, curiosity, and progress are at the forefront. We must dare to think big and new, and the willingness to “dare to fail” is a natural part of the process, with innovation being the key to growth and success. We foster a culture of continuous learning and renewal. We encourage employees to challenge the status quo, take risks, and actively use their experience.

Our Commitment: Balance, Sustainability, and Diversity

We acknowledge the importance of balance in life and support employees in achieving this balance while promoting health and well-being.

We commit to running our business in a way that considers both economic, environmental, and social sustainability. We strive to minimize our impact on the planet and are committed to making a positive contribution to the community around us.

We value the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in our organization. Inclusion is a priority, and everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute. We promote a culture where diversity is seen as a strength.

Management Team:

Wind Estate’s management team consists of Ane Mette Lysbech-Kleis, Bo Andersen, Thomas Bisgaard, and Peter Dueholm, all of whom have extensive experience in the wind industry. They form the daily leadership of Wind Estate, and they value and encourage the significant influence and responsibility of employees in a flat hierarchy.


Bo Andersen, Ane Mette Lysbech-Kleis, Thomas Bisgaard, Peter Dueholm Theilgaard