Our Recruitment Proces

Recruitment of salaried employees

A typical recruitment process at Wind Estate includes a 1st interview focusing on the candidate’s motivation and professional background and a 2nd interview where the candidate’s skills and personality are explored in more depth. For this, acknowledged testing tools are used, but a case study can also be used in some situations. In a few cases, the process will also include a 3rd interview where the candidate is introduced to a member of the leadership team and/or a potential future co-worker.

Recruitment of hourly employees

The recruitment process for hiring hourly employees is leaner and typically consists of a maximum of two interviews and will generally not include tests.


Unfortunately, Wind Estate does not have the resources to keep all applicants updated during the recruitment process, but all applicants will be notified after the recruitment process is complete. The candidates who have been invited for an interview but did not get the position will all be rejected in person while other candidates will receive a written rejection.

For questions about the recruitment process in general, please refer to recruitments@windestate.com